About Us

sourceU is an innovative, accredited program affiliated with Warner Pacific University in partnership with Portland’s leading web development and cybersecurity educators.

Warner Pacific

Warner Pacific University is a Christ-centered, private, liberal-arts college dedicated to making higher education accessible and equitable to students from diverse backgrounds.

Warner Pacific reimagined many fundamental college courses like writing, math, and communications to be in an accelerated, full-time, and interactive format.


Epicodus helps students learn the skills they need to get great jobs and become self-teachers. It focuses on serving people who don't have easy access to learning the tech skills they need to be competitive in the workforce.

Epicodus helps sourceU to co-locate, providing students an engaging environment that facilitates deep and relevant learning.


Riperia is a startup dedicated to expanding the ranks of cybersecurity professionals by furthering education and empowering the next generation of experts.

We are fortunate to have Riperia as a teaching resource for the cybersecurity program at sourceU, supplying instructors who offer invaluable industry experience and cutting-edge education to our students.