Web and Mobile Development

The world is online. This new virtual real estate needs architects and engineers. It needs you.

With the Web and Mobile Development program, you will learn the fundamentals of web structure, how to build and maintain online frameworks, and how to stay current in the evolving landscape of digital innovation.

Program built in partnership with Epicodus.


As we continue to grow more connected, the need for stronger and smarter cybersecurity becomes more critical.

The Cybersecurity program focuses on IT, producing highly trained professionals ready to quickly analyze, react, and adapt to security issues, regardless of the technology.

sourceU Speed to Work Advantage

Pursue Your Level of Education

12* months
Associate Degree
16 months
Bachelor's Degree
32 months

Begin with a certificate in either Web Development or Cybersecurity, and then continue your journey toward an associate or bachelor's degree.

The faster you can develop your skills and move into the active job market, the more competitive you'll be. That's why sourceU certifications and degrees move at an accelerated pace, allowing you to earn a certificate in as few as 12 months, an associate degree in as few as 16 months, or a bachelor's degree in as few as 32 months.

Traditional College
A.S. time to degree 24 months 16 months
B.S. time to degree 48 months 32 months

By finishing an Associate degree up to 5 months sooner, you can earn $25,000* more than your peers in traditional programs. For a Bachelor's degree, that number increases to an earning advantage of $65,000*.