The sourceU Difference

The sourceU experience is both familiar and entirely new, mixing elements of traditional higher education with an accelerated‑yet‑rigorous curriculum to create a program that benefits students and employers alike.


With sourceU, you can earn a bachelor's degree in just 32 months, launching you into the job market a whole year sooner than a traditional degree. You can also earn an associate degree in just 16 months, five months sooner than typical programs.


Federal financial aid is available to eligible sourceU students for each term, making the average out-of-pocket cost much lower.


sourceU enables students to hone their technical and essential skills to be job-ready upon graduation. Plus, you gain exposure to Portland's top tech companies in your first year.


sourceU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities. Credits are easily transferable, ensuring your degree is recognized by other institutions.


sourceU provides an A.S. in Web & Mobile Development, B.S. in Digital Product Design, and A.S. & B.S. in Cybersecurity.

Tuition before financial aid costs $9,300 per semester. Average out-of-pocket costs can be significantly less.

Yes, we encourage students to apply for scholarships, specifically Act Six and City Builders (affiliated with Warner Pacific University) as well as other outside scholarships.

Yes. We are regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities and are powered by Warner Pacific University.

The flipped class format is meant to replicate the work day as much as possible. Homework consists of viewing the lesson before class. Class itself is held downtown from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 5 days a week, where you'll put the lesson to use while working with a partner or in groups on real-time problems with feedback and guidance from the instructor.

Participating in sports through Warner Pacific is an option to eligible students.

While the classes will be held in downtown Portland, living on the Warner Pacific University campus is an option for our sourceU students.

No. The first semester focuses on helping students adjust to college life and will prepare students with the technical skills necessary to continue.

For students earning an A.S. in Web & Mobile Development, you can expect to learn 3 of the following: C#, User Interfaces, Ruby, Javascript, React, Rails. For a B.S. in Digital Product Design, expect to learn the others plus mobile optimization and some back-end (database) development. Cybersecurity includes Python plus broad preparation in Network security.

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